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What we do

The Poole and District Children's Cancer Fund (P.D.C.C.F) aims to enhance the quality of life for local children and their families undergoing treatment for cancer

The P.D.C.C.F. organises regular events throughout the year for local families. These events usually include a weekend break to Center Parcs, Longleat and family tickets to attend a local pantomime, usually at Poole Lighthouse Theatre, in December each year.

The charity has also arranged other events such as a meal and entertainment at a local restaurant and other events to the theatre. These events can provide a welcome break for the whole family and for a while enables the family to forget about blood tests, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and hospital appointments.

Due to the restrictions in place since March 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic group events have been significantly restricted, however, the brief lifting of restrictions did allow the family weekend break to Center Parcs to go ahead. Although there were restrictions in place at Center Parcs the trip was warmly welcomed by the families who were able to attend and we are hopeful a similar trip will be able to take place in September 2021.

In addition to the larger group activities the charity supports individual families at times of need, helping in the purchase of essential household items or helping out when there are transport difficulties; The P.D.C.C.F. also helps the hospital with the purchase of equipment (for home and hospital use), mini Ipads; games and other activities for the use of children in hospital or when they are unwell at home.

This year, 2021, the charity have marked the birthdays of the children undergoing treatment with a birthday card and a gift card. The cards and gift cards have been distributed by the local hospital Children's Community Nursing (CCN) team. The gift cards have been well received by the children and our thanks go to the CCN team for their help.

A popular purchase as been “Beads of Courage”. Beads of Courage are supplied by another charitable organisation for children undergoing treatment for cancer  but the P.D.C.C.F. purchases sibling beads of courage to recognise the difficulty a cancer diagnosis has on the whole family.

The charity aims to support the local hospital team and in so doing helps to support the local children and their families at the time of a cancer diagnosis, during the treatment and after treatment has been completed.   

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