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Braeside Community Cafe 

The PDCCF would like to say a big "Thank you" to Clem, all the volunteers and all those who attend the Braeside Community Cafe.

Clem and the team raised a fantastic amount of money and the PDCCF were one of the grateful recipients.

Martin was please to attend to collect a cheque, give some information about the charity and most importantly of all, he was able to say "Thank you" in person to all those who had raised money for the PDCCF.

Thank You

The Charity trustees would like to say a public "Thank you" to all our regular donors. We have a small group of people who make regular donations to the charity. They donate because they are passionate about the work of the charity but they do not seek any public recognition.

The trustees felt it was time to say a public "thank you" to them (you know who you are) on behalf of the children and families that are supported by the P.D.C.C.F.



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