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The charity are always looking for new members and anyone who can help out with the running of the charity. The trustees would be happy for you to give as much time as you are able to help out, even for a few minutes each week.

If you are able to spend time helping the charity then you can find out more by emailing the charity and arranging to speak with one of the existing trustees.

You could even consider in the future becoming a trustee yourself! Before committing to becoming a trustee you could become a member and then, if interested, join our trustee meetings as a co-opted member to find out more about the running of the charity and then if interested could stand to be elected as a full Trustee.

The charity is a small local charity serving local children and their families undergoing treatment for cancer. The trustees are always looking for new members and would welcome any enquiries.

We would love to hear from you.

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