Poole and District Children’s Cancer Fund

Annual General meeting

Chairman report 7th October 2019

I would like to welcome and thank you for coming to the Annual General Meeting of The Poole and District Children’s Cancer Fund.

It is difficult to believe that it has been 1 year since our last meeting. The A.G.M, as always, is a time to reflect on achievements, challenges and plan for the future of the charity.

I would like start by saying thank you to our trustees, supporters and fundraisers who have given so  much of their time and effort during the year in helping the charity and in so doing helping local patients and their families. I would like to say how sad the trustees were to learn of the death of Christine Caseley. Chris was a previous trustee of the charity who with her enthusiasm and organisational skills helped the charity to become as successful as it is today. Chris will be missed by all those who knew her and the trustees extend their sympathy to her family.

It has been a difficult year, personally, for some of the trustees but despite their own difficulties they have continued to work with dedication for the charity and those it supports.

I have looked back at the minutes of the 2018 A.G.M. and realised the achievements of the charity. The charity website is now functioning and can be run on mobile devices, however, it needs more regular updates / news items than have been posted so far and therefore this is a challenge / project for a willing volunteer for the coming year. At the last AGM we discussed an information letter, highlighting the work of the charity, that would be made available to patients and families, this idea has been taken further and with the help of a local family a small booklet is being produced that will highlight all local services available to families and how local services link with regional and national services. This booklet remains in a draft format but it hoped it will be available soon.


The trustees have reviewed our regular activities and there is now a plan for the charity to organise a regular event every 3 - 4 months, this will include the annual trip to Center Parcs in September, a pantomime trip in December / early January, an Easter event in March / April and a Summer event. Ideas for these events would be welcome, please contact one of the trustees directly or email enquiriespdccf@btinternet.com


An ongoing project is updating the charity policies and procedures, including an update of the charity constitution. The constitution has not been updated since the charity was formed 23years ago and although the aims of the charity are unchanged, some of the wording of the constitution and procedures needed clarifying and updating. We will discuss some of the proposed changes later in this meeting.


The PDCCF continues to fund paediatric dietetic time. This enable paediatric dieticians to spend more time with children and their carers developing an individual nutrition plan that is so vital for the child to cope with the treatment for childhood cancer while still continuing to grow and thrive.

During 2019 the PDCCF has given help to individual families who were experiencing financial hardship, in addition to funding group events such as our annual trip to Center Parcs, Longleat which again proved very successful.


The main challenge for the charity is succession planning. The P.D.C.C.F has been well supported by the present trustees (and their families) for many years but it is nearing the time when new trustees with new ideas and enthusiasm take over the running of the charity so that the local children and families continue to benefit from the great work that the charity does. A notice has been posted on the website and I am also using this A.G.M. to ask all those present to consider becoming a Co-opted member and then in time a full trustee of the P.D.C.C.F. Also, please ask family, friends or colleagues if they would consider becoming a co-opted member of the charity, in that way they can learn more about the charity, gain confidence and perhaps eventually become a trustees with the support of the existing trustees.

The P.D.C.C.F. continues to be run entirely by volunteers, raising funds, raising awareness and acting as trustees for the charity. The A.G.M. is the time of year when the trustees step down from their roles and responsibilities and this allows trustees to be elected for the coming year. I would like once again to thank all the trustees and co-opted members for their hard work over the past year and I hope they, and others, will consider standing again as trustees for the coming year so that the charity can continue to thrive and develop.


I would also like to thank The Royal British Legion for proving this meeting room for our trustee meetings and our A.G.M. and thank you to our accountants Barnes Andrew Ltd for the help and support they give to the charity.


In summary, the plan for the coming year is to encourage wider participation in the running of the P.D.C.C.F, continue to support individual families wherever we can, raise awareness of childhood cancer and the local services available to help and organise regular fun events for children and their families. If the charity can achieve these goals then they will help in a small way to help lift the financial and emotional burden that a diagnosis of childhood cancer brings. 


On behalf of the children and their families I would like conclude by saying  “Thank you” to everyone who has supported the charity in the past and all those who continue to support our work.

Dr Martin Hussey. Chair PDCCF. 7th October 2019.

Registered Charity Number 1058931